• Citronella Remote and Collar Anti Bark Collar – Harmless Citronella Spray for Dogs
  • Citronella Remote and Collar Anti Bark Collar – Harmless Citronella Spray for Dogs
  • Citronella Remote and Collar Anti Bark Collar – Harmless Citronella Spray for Dogs
  • Citronella Remote and Collar Anti Bark Collar – Harmless Citronella Spray for Dogs
  • Citronella Remote and Collar Anti Bark Collar – Harmless Citronella Spray for Dogs

Citronella Remote and Collar Anti Bark Collar – Harmless Citronella Spray for Dogs

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Free Shipping Australia Wide, Fits for all Sizes and Breeds - Comes with extra long adjustable collar.

Product Info

This citronella anti bark collar is the latest generation of safe bark control for your beloved dog. With the added benefit of a convenient remote control, you can take the reins when it comes to controlling your dog’s excessive barking. When activated, the collar will emit a small spray that works to deter your dog from barking again. You can also use the collar in automatic sensor mode.

The collar is water-resistant and can be worn in any environment, both indoors and outdoors. The LED indicator lights let you know when the battery and spray cartridge is running low. It’s easy to recharge, simply plug the included cable into a USB port. There are three different adjustable sizes to suit any breed of canine.

The included remote control opens up a whole new range of safe dog training and supervision. At the park and worried your dog is barking up the wrong tree and a fight might break out? Does your dog howl and whine without actually barking? Release a small spray of citronella to deter your dog’s unwanted behaviour.

  • Adjustable collar. Modify the collar length and level of spray to suit your dog.
  • Remote control. You’re in control. Set the collar off when you need to.
  • Works fast. Changes behaviour quickly. No need for training or a fence.
  • Harmless. Citronella has been used for decades to deter excessive barking safely.
  • Conveniently rechargeable. No need to replace the batteries. Simply recharge.
  • Displays battery levels. Lights warn you when power or gas is low.
  • Water-resistant. Safe for almost all outside use.
  • Straightforward. Not complicated, easy to operate and use.

Package contents include citronella bottle, citronella collar device, belt straps, remote control, USB charging cable, 12V battery and instruction manual. 


How does the remote control work?

The remote allows you to control when a spray is released manually. It’s compact, easy to use and works under every condition. You can switch between two channels as well as an automatic mode, where the collar will work on its own, without the remote.

How far does the remote control cover?

It covers a range of up to 80 metres.

Can I add more than one dog to the remote control device?

Yes. The remote-control transmitter has 2 signal channels. You can control two different dogs separately.

The remote control doesn’t work, why might this be?

First, check that the collar is in ‘remote-control’ mode. If the collar is in automatic mode, the remote will not work. Secondly, check that the correct signal channel is being used. If not, switch it and the remote will now work.

Are there any side effects/dangers from using a citronella collar?

A citronella collar does not harm your dog in any way. It acts as a harmless deterrent and nothing more. The only typical side effect is a clever dog that figures out how to avoid the spray. If this happens to your dog, consider a remote-controlled version that allows you to readminister the spray on your terms.

Will other noises set off the collar unintentionally?

No, this should not be the case. The rare exception is in a multi-dog household where more than one dog may bark. Usually, this won’t cause any confusion, although if it does, the remote-controlled version may be a workaround.

Can I adjust the collars settings?

Yes. It’s easy to adjust the spray level and sensitivity of the collar. Simply press the adjust button during the boot-up state to change the spray. Hold the button for three seconds during the boot-up state to adjust the bark sensitivity level.

How often will I need to change the spray canister?

The citronella spray canister holds up to 60 sprays. Depending on the severity of your dog’s barking problem, this may last from a week, up to a month. As your dog learns to limit their barking, the spray canister will naturally last longer.

Will my dog react badly to the spray?

The spray is never harmful; however, your dog may initially react to the collar when first used. They may be confused and uncertain of how to behave. Comfort your dog during this time as they learn to associate the unpleasant smell with their excessive barking behaviour.

How tight should the collar be?

One finger should be able to be placed between the collar and the dog’s neck. Too loose and the collar may struggle to recognise barks, too tight and it may be uncomfortable for your pup.

How long can I use the device for?

The device should not be used continuously for more than 12 hours within a 24 hour period.

Is it suitable for any type of dog?

Yes, however, we recommend the use of the device for dogs aged at least six months and weigh over 4 kilograms.